Publication of the international research agenda on CVT

Date: March 18, 2024

In June 2023, the International Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Consortium organized a scientific meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here, 45 participants including clinical researchers, patients, funding organizations, and industry partners discussed new research ideas on CVT. The result of this meeting - an international research agenda - has been published today in the International Journal of Stroke. By publishing this agenda, we hope to promote international collaboration and prioritize CVT research so that in the next decade we will achieve to further lower the burden of this severe disease.

You can access and share the (unedited) article using the following link: https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/HCEXTYF8KUJJJYINPDEW/full.

Top cited article: Post-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination cerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Date: March 19, 2023. 

We are very proud to share that our article Post-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination cerebral venous sinus thrombosis: an analysis of cases notified to the European Medicines Agency is one of the top cited articles of the European Journal of Neurology (EJoN) in the period 2021-2022.

In this early paper on cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination, we used data from the European Medicines Agency to describe the clinical characteristics of cases reported to the EudraVigilance database. This project was the beginning of an extensive collaboration on this topic which resulted in a better understanding of vaccination-related cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

The article was awarded the EJoN Award in 2022. An interview with Dr. Jonathan Coutinho and Prof. Didier Leys, Editor-in-Chief of the EJoN, can be watched via the following link: https://vimeo.com/724560643.

New publication: Decompressive surgery in CVST-VITT

Date: February 22, 2023. 

We are happy to share the latest publication from the International CVT Consortium with you.

In this paper, we investigated the characteristics, therapeutic management, and outcomes of patients with cerebral venous thrombosis due to COVID-19 vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (CVST-VITT) who underwent decompressive surgery. We found that one third of CVST-VITT patients who required surgery survived hospitalization. Preoperative coma and bilateral absence of pupillary responses were associated with higher mortality rates. Fortunately, patients who survived the in-hospital phase often achieved functional independence.

We would like to thank all involved patients and investigators for their collaboration. To read the full-text article, please click on the following link: Decompressive surgery in CVST-VITT - Krzywicka - European Journal of Neurology - Wiley Online Library

Patient information in different languages

Date: December 6, 2022. 

The patient information section was recently updated to include patient information leaflets in different languages.

Information for patients is currently available in English, Dutch (Nederlands), Finnish (Suomi), and Portuguese (Português). We are currently working on the German, Spanish, and Swedish translations. We hope to add more languages in the coming months!